2008 Prima Syncrono 1530 HS 4000 watt Laser Cutting System and Shuttle Table

2008 Prima Syncrono 1530 HS 4000 watt Laser Cutting System and Shuttle Table

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Prima Syncrono 1530 HS 4000 watt Laser Cutting System and Shuttle Table
NEW: 2008

Table size………………….5′ x 10′
X-Axis travel……………..120 inches
Y-Axis travel……………..60 inches
Z-Axis travel……………..5 inches
Approx. weight………….40,000 Lbs
Type of resonator………Prima

CNC PRIMACH-20L Controller
Laser Resonator 4000 Watt
Dust Collector L-Cut 2-5P (1500cfm, supplied by Keller)
Compact Tower w/10 Shelves, Single shelf capacity 6,600 lbs Integrated over the Pallet Changer
Laser Ancillary Equipment (Water Chiller, Air Dryer)
Safety Enclosure
Cutting Head with Capacitive Sensing
Safe Impact Protection System
Lens Holder (Includes 5.00’’ and 7.5’’ lenses)
Automatic Focusing Control (F-axis)
Programmable High Pressure Assist Gas with Two Ports (300 psi)
Automatic Sheet Referencing System
Automatic Switch Off System
Ducted and Zoned Cutting Table
Dual Pallet Shuttle Table
Uses NC Express programming software
Quick Pierce System
Laser Piercing Monitor

The laser allows to cut thin material with higher speed.
The dynamics of traditional machines, however, are not adequate to exploit this higher performance:
the laser allows higher speeds, but the conventional machine cannot keep up.
With its unique and revolutionary architecture and its 6 g acceleration,
SYNCRONO is the only machine on the market which can match the dynamics necessary to
laser technology on thin sheets. Also the energy efficiency of the SYNCRONO
(small masses execute faster movements), is further enhanced with laser.
This technology allows a drastic reduction of the electric consumptions,
thanks to the use of lower powers and to the high efficiency of the source,
thanks to the simplicity of the laser, without turbine and filters and with reduced optical chain.
Laser allows a widening of the range of materials which can be cut with
SYNCRONO, including high reflecting ones, such as brass and copper

**35,873 HOURS**
**REPLACEMENT COST NEW: $1,078,460.00**

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